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Vacation in second hand clothes

I decided to only get second hand clothes to take with me on vacation in this summer. That, or use what I already have. The problem is just that I don’t live in a hot climate, so summer clothes are scarce in my closet – So second hand it is!Second hand summer clothes

I am a big fan of internet shopping. You can find anything you need super quickly, and being a bit of an introvert, it suits me to not have to ask a stranger for help finding a specific item. Google takes care of it for me.

Back when before I started making more conscious fashion choices I was a huge internet shopper. The downside to shopping online is that you can’t try the clothes on before you swipe your credit card. The online stores get around this problem by offering free returns, so no problem if you ordered the wrong size.

Shopping second hand, however, does not offer free returns so it is a bit more tricky.Second hand summer clothes

My advise is therefore to ask the seller for the measurements of the garments. But if you end up with something that doesn’t fit anyway, don’t worry.

One option is to pull out your sewing machine and get your DIY mode on. It is often surprisingly easy to sew something in. If you bought it too small though, there isn’t much you can do. However, you can comfort yourself by reminding yourself that the garment was probably very cheap, and then you can donate it to someone that can use it.Second hand summer clothes

I’m a member of Veras Copenhagen, a swapping store for second hand clothes, so my ill-fitting clothes quickly get reused by someone else.Second hand summer clothes

I found a girl on the online second hand platform DBA who was selling a lot of her clothes. And I mean ALOT so there was plenty to choose from.Second hand summer clothes

The point of buying it all from one person was to avoid travelling all over town to pick up different items from different people.Second hand summer clothes

The average price for each piece of clothing in my summer vacation wardrobe is around 40 kr. (5 EUR).

Unfortunately the white crop top with the tied bow in the back is nowhere to be found. I remember washing it when I came back from the vacation but haven’t seen it since. Hope it has a good life somewhere else. We had some good times.Second hand summer clothes

I had to modify two of the pieces to make them fit me, but it was a 5 minute alteration at the sewing machine so no problem. There were some items that were too small for me unfortunately, but I quickly handed them in at Veras Copenhagen and hopefully someone else found it useful.Second hand summer clothes




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