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Hi there,

I’m Dew and live a sustainable lifestyle in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have a master in Engineering Science in Sustainable Energy, so in my work I focus on transitioning energy grids towards 100% renevable energy. However, large scale energy transitions are a stubborn and slow process, so when I stumbled upon the zero waste movement I found a hobby where, in contrast, the changes I made where visible instantaneously. It’s fun to see a tangible effect of small lifestyle changes, and I am learning new things every day.

I was inspired by Lauren Singer and her waste jar in 2016. Since then I have realized that the waste jar creates a bit of a simplified view of the problem, because much waste is generated upstream, before the product reaches the consumer. My approach is therefore to limit the overall environmental footprint of my lifestyle, and not get too hung up on the ‘zero’ part of Zero Waste.

Lastly, I live in a city and therefore have access to many of the resources that make sustainable living possible. If you live in a place with few resources available to you – don’t be too hard on yourself. We need system wide changes in order to make a lasting impact.

I hope that this website can inspire you to question some of your daily habits, and provide sustainable alternatives.


“Experienced Zero Waste huntress”

– quote TV2 Lorry (tv station, Denmark)


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